About us

Software studio with one motto - "We all finally deserve a better software!"

We are a team of enthusiasts whose goal is to deliver the most user-friendly software in which you forget all the complex things it does for you. Our commitment to simple design and the need to always deliver more to clients does not allow us to deliver software until it meets our high quality requirements for functionality, flawlessness and ease of use.

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Our clients

We are very proud, that our clients include mostly industry leaders.


With each project delivered, we push the user experience boundaries.

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Java / Back-end


Frontend / Mobile


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Design / UX


How are things done

We use the most reliable technologies today to achieve our goal.

We create comprehensive custom software in a way, so that its complexity cannot be noticed by users. A passion for design forces us to create the most userfriendly UIs.

Customer support100%
Database design95%
Java; JavaFX90%
Javascript; vue.js90%
MS SQL; postgresql; MySQL90%
AWS; Docker; Kubernetes90%
React Native; Mobile80%
Spring; Spring Rest API; Spring Security60%