SEPA payment

It will save you hundreds of hours of tedious payment administration


Simplify the administration and payment of invoices with a simple SEPA payment generator!

Pay hundreds of invoices at once with a single click, send payrolls to all employees in a matter of seconds, or place a direct debit order for your customers' accounts in no time!



In accordance with the SEPA standard adopted in the European banking system.



Generates an XML file (pain.001 for a payment order / pain.008 for a direct debit order) immediately ready for import into your bank.



Today used by clients for payments through Tatra banka, ČSOB bank, Slovenská sporiteľňa, UniCredit bank, VÚB bank and others.

Application advantages

SEPA payment generator will save you hundreds of hours of time thanks to faster payments.

Amount of administration saved

Thanks to the simple import of data directly from Excel and the signing of hundreds of payments per second, the SEPA generator will save you a lot of lengthy administration.

Compatibility with banks

Payment and collection orders are generated according to the European standard, which ensures compatibility with all banks in the SEPA payment area.

Manage multiple companies and accounts

Within the application, you can create your own lists of the most used accounts and entities for which you need to simplify payment administration.

Payment and collection orders

Thanks to the SEPA generator, you will be able to sign not only payment orders but also collection orders for debt collection.

Ease of use

The application is simple and clear so that working with it is as efficient and fast as possible.

One-time fee

You can purchase a SEPA generator for a one-time fee without any subsequent regular payments. You pay once and the app is yours!


Choose according to your needs

We provide the SEPA generator as a standalone application or as a module that can be implemented in your existing company software.

Trial version
14 days

0 €

  • ● 5 payments in one payment order
  • ● For all operating systems
Full version

399 €

  • ● unlimited number of payments
  • ● payment and collection orders
  • ● administration of entities and bank accounts
  • ● for all operating systems
Connection to API

deal based

  • Do not hesitate to contact us to implement the SEPA payment generator through our API in your existing corporate infrastructure.