The most user-friendly portfolio management system for investment managers

Leave repetitive tasks such as weighing client portfolios, calculating the necessary securities to buy or sell to intelligent software based on the best-practices of the financial industry!

When developing the portfolio management system, we emphasized ease of use and user friendliness. All the functions included in the system are developed on the basis of real experience from the financial sector in the field of banks and securities dealers.


Complete workflow

The application provides functionalities for the complete workflow of a securities trader as well as an investment manager managing qualified investors’ funds.


Data security

The security of your data will be taken care of both if you decide to store it on your on-premise servers and if you decide to use our cloud server solution.



Modularity and adaptability give clients the opportunity to integrate into the “order-routing” system from multiple brokers or to connect directly to corporate bank accounts using the API interface of banks.

Built-in CRM system for client management

The Portfolio Management System contains a CRM module for managing activities performed with the client. It gives intermediaries the opportunity to record and plan meetings, phone calls and other activities with the client with records of the duration of the activity, comments on the client’s names and birthdays, etc.

Necessary tools and reports for the trading department

The module for Trading provides all the functionalities needed for mass execution of securities trades, trading of securities fractions, settlement of trades, registration of securities and strategies, together with the setting of individual fees on strategies and many other functionalities.

Comprehensive client management with customizable corporate stocks

Backoffice employees have never had easier records of transactions, corporate actions, transfers of funds or bulk billing for clients. Thanks to the bulk generation of client statements in your corporate design, you will forever forget about lifeless administration.

Built-in compliance and reporting processes

You will meet all regulatory obligations of the financial institution easily thanks to the modules for checking sanctions lists, automatic generation of monthly and quarterly reports on client assets, generation of daily MIFIR reports and the like.

Forget about annoying reports in Excel

Thanks to the system, the company’s management has a constant overview of settled fees, the largest client accounts, the profitability of individual strategies as well as the amount of managed assets of individual intermediaries together with their activity. In addition, thanks to the flexible data structure, it is possible to create any customized management report.

Simple and clear administration

Within the administration module, the application provides space for clear management of user rights, control of the activity of individual users, registration of code lists of countries, counterparties, exchanges and the like.


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We will be happy to show you all the functionalities of the software solution in your company, together with the possibilities of modular implementation in parts.