B2B platform for the financial sector

As part of the development of the overall software background for one of the five largest securities traders, the assignment to create a partner zone, or B2B platform. The B2B platform serves as a digital tool for intermediaries to work with existing clients who have decided to sign a contract with our client and thus invest through their financial solutions.

The specific need of the client

As part of the digitization of several processes at our client, in which we developed a client zone together with a complete software background for the administration, one more requirement emerged – to develop a web interface for intermediaries who work with our client and provide them with all the necessary information and tools for acquiring new clients and for work with existing clients. The requirement for a web interface was very clear, as the design was developed by the client’s design studio, and we could therefore fully concentrate on a reliable IT solution.

In parallel with the development of the web interface, we also developed a REST API interface for our client, through which partners who have a sufficient technical background with experienced developers can connect to the client’s system. This interface is suitable for partners who want to adapt the functionalities of the web interface or integrate them into their company ERP systems and thus be able to collaborate effectively and digitally at the B2B level.

In addition to a responsive web interface, the B2B platform also includes professional REST APIs for partners with a technical background.

A comprehensive and at the same time clear partner zone

The main module of our client’s partner zone is the initial page, which is displayed to the intermediary immediately after his login. On the initial page, the so-called Dashboard, the broker can see an immediate overview of his clients’ portfolio – the summary status of assets under management, the number of clients, recent transactions, and the like. The intermediary will get a detailed overview of the portfolio of securities or executed client transactions on the individual modules, which will provide him with all the necessary details. The calculation of the cumulative performance of client portfolios is a matter of course.

Broker commissions are a specific module of the interface, but they are made available only to those user roles that work with them. So it cannot happen that users have an overview of the commissions of their colleagues.

The user profile also includes functionalities for downloading the necessary reports for regulators according to the currently valid legislation, e-mail and web notification settings, and settings for the API – the possibility to create a new API key, delete it or reset it.

The challenge in the implementation of the B2B platform, as in the case of the client zone, was data security and the robustness of the system itself during parallel operation for hundreds of intermediaries.

One of the most important parts of the B2B platform is the functionality that allows the intermediary to communicate with his clients through the client zone in the form of delivering messages for signature. The B2B platform is very closely connected with the client zone and the “core system” of the company, thanks to which they form an inseparable whole, and the advantage is the management of all systems under one roof.

Intermediaries are therefore able to send all important documents to the client for signature in the client zone via the partner zone. Whether it is a request to transfer funds or a request to conclude a new investment product, the partner zone provides intermediaries with a simple tool to process the necessary requests without the need for a physical visit to the client. After receiving the message and checking the data in the message or document, the client simply requests a two-factor signature code, which is delivered via SMS to his phone number, and by entering and confirming it, he signs the said request. The signed application, together with the attached documents, goes automatically to the company’s employees in their “core system”, which they are immediately informed about in the form of notifications.

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