A complex system for a recruitment agency

A personnel agency employing more than 1,000 people from Slovakia, to whom it provides work primarily abroad, has decided to comprehensively unify and digitize its operations. The result of several months of analysis was the decision to create a complex system for recruiting agency with modules for employee registration, recruitment, employee attendance and overall company management. Thanks to the custom made software, the agency was able to move its operation from several applications to one.

Identified client need

A real challenge in the case of custom-made software creation for a specific personnel agency was the fact that, within the framework of job mediation for its employees, it also provides additional services – in addition, it provides accommodation for its employees in hundreds of accommodation facilities abroad, operates its own fleet of vehicles, operates its own call center center for recruiting its employees and works with dozens of partners across Europe. The main requirement for the software was therefore to combine all requirements and include all functionalities in one application so that its operation was as simple as possible and at the same time provided the company’s management with the most comprehensive overview of all activities.

Based on the requirement that the application be able to perform even more demanding tasks such as generating hundreds of contracts and various other documents, importing attendance times from partners in various formats, being connected to Daktela’s telephone gateway and allowing the company’s call center to address potential job applicants and similarly, we decided to develop a desktop version of the application in combination with server microservices. The desktop version of the application is robust enough to perform complex tasks, and the server microservices operated in AWS are flexible enough to generate regular reports, check and read e-mails, generate notifications, and so on.

Records of applicants, employees and attendance

The core module of the system for a recruitment agency has naturally become the CRM module, which provides the company with a comprehensive overview of its employees as well as potential job applicants. Information about the employee’s or applicant’s personal profile is supplemented by the employee’s or applicant’s activity module, in which the company records any activity (phone call, meeting, e-mail, etc.) carried out with the given person. The interesting thing is that the activities are also created by the application itself – every time after a successful call that took place within the application, it records the given call in person, every new generated contract or other document is recorded as part of an automatic activity so that the company has an accurate overview of the employee’s activities over time axes.

It goes without saying that there is an archive of all documents, both employees and partners, and the necessary records of all concluded employee employment contracts. The record of individual employment contracts and related documents is very clear and provides all the necessary information about the duration of the contract, information with which partner the contract was concluded and, in addition, records of daily attendance for each employee contract.

The attendance record is a separate module that allows the company to import the attendance of all employees based on documents from partners in various formats (.csv, .txt, .xml, .json). Bulk attendance import is performed on hundreds of employees at once, and within seconds, the company has saved attendance for the past month for all employees. Automated attendance import can automatically identify, based on the rules, the number of hours or minutes of overtime, the duration of the night shift, possibly absence, weekend work, etc., and then automatically generate and send the necessary documents by e-mail – a vacation request, notice of absence or non-observed attendance hours, and so on.

During the technical implementation of the software, we agreed with the client on the implementation of services from Amazon Web Services – AWS EC2, RDS, S3, SES, CloudWatch.

Own recruitment department and call center

A necessary requirement for the system for a recruitment agency was also a module for its own recruitment department, the task of which is to contact potential job applicants and cooperate with them until the moment of concluding an employment contract. The recruitment module in combination with a connection to Daktela’s VoIP telephone gateway provides users with the opportunity to create a recruitment project, or a target with a specified amount of necessary employees and assign confirmed applicants to it. After the recruitment is completed and confirmed, the application automatically creates employees from the applicants, generates all the necessary contractual documentation for them and sends them by e-mail to new employees.

Making phone calls directly from the application simplifies the work of call center operators and at the same time provides the possibility of automatic identification of the received call – when receiving a call, the application tries to automatically identify the caller and, if his profile is found, it also displays it to the operator and provides him with a preview of his personal profile with historical activity.

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