IT consultation – implementation of the payment gateway

Software development for our clients also includes IT consultations for their already existing systems and process settings. One of the tasks we dealt with were consultations for a foreign development studio, which was developing a wholesale web solution for its client in the form of a so-called “marketplace”. Our role in this project as a subcontractor was the analysis and consultation in the implementation of the Stripe payment gateway, the consultation of the overall process of processing and matching of payments and the implementation of the AML process from Dun & Bradstreet.

In the case of consultations, the cooperation of our team with the team of developers at the client or with the team at another supplier is very important. Therefore, in this case too, we regularly attended meetings with developers and together we analyzed the solutions proposed by us. The ongoing sub-tasks were followed by a detailed analysis, the preparation of diagrams and documentation in a form suitable for the developers implementing the given solution, and a subsequent explanation of the implementation and testing procedure. Our task in the implementation of the payment gateway was completed after three months, and all the necessary functionalities were successfully incorporated into the project by the client’s developers.

IT consultations from accute

Stripe is one of the largest and best-known payment processors, primarily in the US and Western Europe, which provides a wide range of services for its clients. It is not only payment processing, but also issuing and managing invoices, customer identity verification, AML payment verification, and the like. Our task at accut was to support the client in choosing the right services and their optimal use for his needs, not just their technical description and implementation instructions.

Part of the project was the requirement to process payments by direct connection to the internet banking of the user’s bank. For these purposes, we used the Plaid service in the project, which supports this very functionality. Detailed study of Plaid API by our team, verification of correct use in the project and subsequent instruction for developers was a matter of course for us.

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