IT consultations – e-mail encryption for secure communication

Software development for our clients also includes IT consultations for their already existing systems and process settings. One of our clients is also an energy company that has its own technical department that develops their main internal system for company management. The development of own IT systems by an internal team may be a more optimal solution in certain cases, but every team will face problems from time to time that will seem intractable at the time. In such cases, we come to the rescue and can give our clients the so-called “third party opinion” and consultations on the given problem in order to find a solution together.

Our client’s internal systems also include encrypted e-mail communication processes with their suppliers and distribution companies that distribute electricity or gas. Communication takes place through e-mails encrypted with certificates that the companies exchanged at the start of cooperation. The role of email encryption is to secure the sensitive information that is being sent and to make sure that the received email is indeed from a verified sender and that the email and its attachments cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. Such e-mail communication is standardized to the maximum extent possible, as companies forward data on energy consumption, energy orders for the next few days, and the like.

IT consultations from accute

As part of the implementation of new e-mail encryption standards, our client faced the problem of decrypting received e-mails from suppliers, as well as the problem of encrypting e-mails sent. Our team’s task was to identify the problem of why received e-mails from our client cannot be decrypted on the recipient side and why e-mails received from suppliers cannot be decrypted to read important attachments in .xml format. The client’s employees tried to solve the problem for several weeks, so we were happy to take up the challenge.

After our team’s initial meeting, we were able to identify a potential encryption problem and split the tasks. By subsequent analysis, studying the documentation for the tools the client used to encrypt and decrypt e-mails and attachments, and testing the process on several practical examples from our client, we managed to solve the problem within two days!

After two days, we were able to send our client detailed instructions for modifying their internal system and process to be able to decrypt all e-mails from their suppliers, along with detailed documentation for the tool used. The client was thus able to save thousands of euros by a lengthy solution to the problem, and at the same time their team was able to implement the given solution into their internal system and thus continue development.

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