Order management for a local delicatessen manufacturer

A local producer and distributor of delicacies in central Slovakia faced a business-friendly challenge – to set up a work system in such a way that they could process a larger number of orders, serve more customers and at the same time make day-to-day operations more efficient. The service and distribution of products to more than 400 retail stores throughout Slovakia could no longer be carried out without the need for customized software and without the automatic generation of delivery notes and invoices for all stores individually.

Identified client need

There are many successful companies in Slovakia, which are not written about much, but are no less a necessary part of our economy and thus help higher employment. We had the honor of developing an application for managing orders and invoices for one such company, which is dedicated to the production of delicacies in southern Slovakia – the region with the highest unemployment.

The production, packaging and distribution of products to all regions of Slovakia is carried out internally by the company, therefore the client’s request to cover all activities in the application was understandable. The supporting part of the application is the module for orders and write-offs, within which company employees who communicate with more than 400 stores on a daily basis record orders for the next few days for individual products that the company has in its assortment. The record of orders is divided according to individual directions, respectively. of delivery drivers that the company maintains as part of distribution – for each store and each product, there is a record of which driver carried out the given distribution on which day.

Automation of invoicing and delivery notes

Following the order module, the application has the functionality of automatic generation of delivery notes. It was this functionality that contributed to the amount of time saved in the client’s operation, where the manual generation of hundreds of delivery notes per day was replaced by the automatic generation of delivery notes in .pdf, which takes an average of 10 seconds. It is a matter of course that our software has a customized format of generated delivery notes for the needs of a specific company. Part of the generation of delivery notes is also the generation of the production note, which represents the basis for the production department.

After the successful delivery of delicatessen products to retail stores, the last step follows, and that is invoicing for the delivered products. The application has order data for all stores according to individual products and is thus able to generate dozens of invoices for the selected period and for selected stores within a few seconds. The client’s exceptional request was the generation of different invoice formats for individual partners – some partners require the generation of so-called collective invoice, i.e. an invoice on which the orders are listed according to the customer’s individual stores, and for some customers a standard, so-called individual invoice. The automatic sending of invoices by e-mail to their customers is a matter of course.

As part of order management, the company also has a customers and discounts module, where it is able to set a discount for individual customers for specific products for a selected period. The generation of delivery notes and invoices thus takes into account the price of the products for each customer separately according to the date of order execution.

During the technical implementation of the software, we agreed with the client to host all data and services on accute servers, without the need to create our own on-premise server solution.

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